About Family Law Del Mar, LLP

The fear of the unknown can be overwhelming and most of our clients are either approaching or in the midst of an emotionally draining life event. We approach divorce, support issues, and custody cases with a unique eye towards client-centered resolution. In the initial conference, the client will learn about the legal process relevant to their situation and will be made aware of all non-legal alternatives available. Most of our clients hope to resolve their problems through mediation, some need to consult with an attorney, and others may benefit from a trial or case consultation. Our consultants and mediators advise clients as to what they can expect to occur during the various stages of a divorce, provide mediation and negotiation services before, during and after a divorce, assist with custody/parenting plan development or enforcement and assist in high-conflict cases or those cases involving drugs and alcohol issues.

At Family Law Del Mar we work closely with North County social workers, lawyers, accountants, and therapists. With over 30 years of experience in practicing family law, the attorneys at Family Law Del Mar understand that divorce is an extremely traumatic and emotionally trying experience for a client. With that understanding, we listen and gather facts and pursue a favorable result for our clients. As family consultants and mediators we focus on resolving cases through creative solutions and negotiations. We keep our client’s best interests in mind, realizing nothing is more important than listening to the needs of each client.

At Family Law Del Mar, we make ourselves personally available to answer questions of the client on the phone, via text, email, video conference, and of course, in person. After hours appointments and Saturday appointments are always available.

We take a unique approach to the practice of family law. The founding partners designed the practice to attract clients who see the futility of dwelling in anger, resentment, guilt, and fear, and prefer instead to choose to take responsibility for whatever situation they find themselves in and choose not to waste their time arguing over who is to blame for whatever has happened in their lives. By focusing on creative problem solving and identifying the necessary actions clients are able to move away from whatever problems might be facing them and toward their goals.

We are devoted to the art of advocacy. It is not necessary to battle or engage in emotionally charged conflicts. We believe it is important to maintain dignity and minimize toxic fighting. Our experience shows it is possible to be a zealous advocate without engaging in high conflict litigation.