George Gedulin

George GedulinGeorge Gedulin, Attorney At Law

-Of Counsel

Attorney George Gedulin works with Family Law Del Mar in specialized divorce matters. As an experienced trial attorney George focuses his family law work on those clients facing high conflict divorce and custody issues. His expertise is devoted to divorces involving clients with high net worth and complex business dissolutions.

George works primarily, those cases requiring an experienced and dynamic mediator. George has a background as a trial attorney both in Family Law and Criminal Defense. George also dedicates to himself to helping those clients facing substance abuse issues which have an impact on their divorce or custody matter. He has seen how devastating substance abuse issues can be in any family, especially one facing divorce. High conflict cases which involve child custody require a careful and experienced approach to handle all issues that may arise in court. George’s mediation and resolution first approach are what our clients have come to rely on for the most contentious marital dissolutions.
George’s specialized training in litigation also extends to those unfortunate cases where domestic violence and abuse has come into the home. George has helped hundreds of clients seek and obtain restraining orders for themselves and loved ones.

George works with the Family Law Del Mar team to develop an appropriate strategy for every high conflict case. He is committed to always fighting for the client’s best interest and preserving the life they have built for themselves and their children.

George is an attorney who looks for solutions to aid his clients through the most difficult transition in their lives.