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Sarah Gedulin Family Law Del Mar, LLPSarah Gedulin, Attorney At Law


Sarah Gedulin is an attorney who works exclusively with clients who are dealing with divorce, separation, child custody litigation and other family law issues in San Diego. Sarah recognizes that divorce is one of the most serious and emotionally charged events in a person’s life and it is often difficult for clients to make important legal and financial decisions when they are feeling the most vulnerable. By providing legal advice while simultaneously keeping the focus on her client’s objectives, she assists them in formulating solutions and coming to agreements that will meet both their short term and long term goals. Sarah extends compassion to her clients and delivers zealous advocacy, operating at a high level to preserve her client’s dignity throughout their family law proceeding.

Sarah received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Utah. She holds a law degree from California Western School of Law, by way of the notable Creative Problem Solving Scholarship. While attending law school, she received the Distinguished Advocate Award as a result of her exceptional performance in trial advocacy competitions. As part of her education she studied mediation, dispute resolution, family law and negotiation.

Sarah also worked at the Utah Attorney General’s Office where she researched and wrote a grant aimed at helping women and children who were victims of domestic violence. She obtained a $900,000.00 Federal Grant, developed and implemented a plan to build and operate shelters for the women and children leaving abusive situations. The work she did for the Attorney General’s Office received national recognition and gave Sarah a passion for helping people transition out of toxic family relationships.

After graduating from law school, Sarah worked as a legal consultant at an estate planning and asset protection law firm as well as completed a position as a summer associate at a civil litigation firm in Utah. Her experience at those firms gives her a unique ability to focus on preserving assets in the hostile environment of family law. She has extensive background conducting complex discovery of hidden assets and works closely with other professionals in property division cases.

Sarah Gedulin is especially sensitive to the importance of establishing realistic expectations with her clients. In family law, the stakes are high. Whether it is your financial future or custody of your child at stake you need the guidance and experience of a compassionate attorney. Sarah is selective in taking cases and keeps her caseload at a manageable level so each client gets the time and attention they deserve.

Sarah is a member of the San Diego County Bar Association Family Law Section and the Carmel Valley Section.


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