1Mediation vs Litigation

There is a strong assumption by the public that a separation or divorce requires all parties to step into court. The approach of Family Law Del Mar is to present the best options to our clients to resolve a case without the need for contested hearings in the courthouse.

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2Property and Asset Division

While the code definition is clear about what community property is, the function of how property is divided once a marriage or partnership ends is far more complicated.

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3Family Law Attorneys

Attorneys advise you on matters of law, from child custody and support to maintenance agreements to financial settlements and property distribution. The attorneys we work with have made a commitment to the unique practice of mindful and creative legal problem solving. We offer legal services unbundled, at flat rates, and have skilled attorneys focused on client-centered family law representation.

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4Child Custody

Family Law Del Mar fights for every one of its clients, presenting the best options for how to resolve and end disputes over child custody. Our family law attorney’s do not just argue the law but also common sense. We know how stressful divorce is and involving children in the process can only aggravate an already difficult situation.

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5Spousal Support

Our Experienced Family Law Attorney’s recognize that whether a marriage was short term or over 30 years our clients have expectations about support and alimony. Paying support or getting an order to receive spousal support are essential first steps in any divorce or separation.

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6Document Preparation Specialists

Family Law Del Mar assists in completing legal documents under the client’s specific direction. We offer flat fee packages and prepare filings in divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, legal separation, restraining order, changed circumstances, and other family law cases.

7Trial Consultants

Family Law Del Mar Trial Consultants work with clients on high asset cases and often assist in legal research, preparing and defending motions, developing discovery plans, and formulating case presentations and trial theories. Clients with complex situations such as those involving drug or alcohol abuse or high-conflict situations benefit from the thoughtful approach and strategic case presentation offered by our consultants.

8Divorce Coaches

Divorce is a major life transition; while it marks the end of one part of your life, it is also the beginning of another. A mental health professional helps you manage the pain and strain of changing relationships, while focusing on goals for the present and the future. Working with you to make the most of your strengths, your mental health professional assists you in being at your best during the divorce process, then taking positive steps to a new life.

9More Details

At Family Law Del Mar, we make ourselves personally available to answer questions of the client on the phone, via text, email, video conference, and of course, in person. After hours appointments and Saturday appointments are always available.

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