Family Law Attorneys

Since 1981 Family Law Attorney Steven H. Lorber has been helping clients and their children through the most difficult times in their life. Family Law Del Mar attorneys are confident, articulate and committed advocates who genuinely care about their clients. We are a resolution and results oriented firm, known for our hands-on approach and rigorous attention to detail. We take every case as seriously as our clients, knowing that the decisions you make today will affect the rest of your life.

Marriages and domestic partnership’s often decline or terminate over a long period, sometimes years before the parties decide formally split. A divorce or separation leading to a divorce can be the most significant decision someone makes in their life. A legal dissolution involving children, assets and property can be complicated even in the best of circumstances.

Family Law Del Mar will always present a mediation and resolution first approach to any of its clients. The family law court system can be strenuous on a person’s daily life and may not always present the best solution for a case. Decisions relating to custody of minor children and other emotional areas of the law can often be resolved through careful planning and proper use of counsel. For 33 years attorney Steven Lorber has used his skill in multiple areas of the law to help his clients keep their lives in order while obtaining the results they expect. A separation or divorce should be a transitional time in one’s life, not a minefield of stress, expense and disappointment.

Our clients know what to expect from our expertise; clients’ interests come first and we are here to help you achieve your goals when the time comes to finalize your divorce.
The most important question in starting your case or resolving ongoing family law issues is: how do I choose the right attorney. The answer is your attorney should be available and responsive to your concerns and must always advocate and protect your interests throughout the case. Anything less is not acceptable; you should expect the top performance and legal counsel for yourself and your family.